“ The Early Universe as a Probe of New Physics”  -November 2008 (UVic)

“ Physics Beyond the Standard Model in the Early Universe ”  -June 2004 (UVic)

“ Constraints on Large Extra Dimensions”  -November 2003 (UVic)

“ Large Extra Dimensions and the Hierarchy Problem”  -November 2002 (UVic)

Infrared Regularization in Chiral Perturbation Theory”  - September 2001 (UVic) & November 2001 (TRIUMF)

"Mathematical Methods in Physics" (a series of lectures for a graduate course) - February & March  2000 (UVic)

Various topics in Electromagnetism ( a series of lectures for a graduate course)  - September 1999 - March 2000 (UVic)

"The Search for the Top Quark", "Strange Particles", "The History of Brownian Motion"  (a series of lectures)

 - September 1994 - January 1995 (Esquimalt High School) 

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